Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nohemi and Nohima

I had a dream on this day last year, that I met a young man who had two kids: Nohemi and Nohima. I spent time with the kids teaching them writing and how to count.

Pause: Why am I talking about a dream I had last year?
I'm reading my journal, and I felt weird having written about the dream. So, one year later and you'd not believe what happened.
I met a young man with two kids. I was heading back to Kisumu from Seme, and he boarded the matatu and occupied the seat next to me. I did offer to carry the girl, who turned out to be Nereah. The boy was called Newton (you know, like the genius who was hit by an apple, and poof! Gravity!)
We got to talking and it turned out that he was single, the girl was his while the boy was his girlfriend's, and I was impressed that he didn't mind merging two families. So, Nicholas if you happen to read this, know I'm acknowledging your commitment and love this Father's Day.

I had to share this because it right out spooked me, but all in all, it's been a dusty day and now I'll swoon over the new pencils I bought as I read a few blogs online.

PS: I took a picture of Nyatigo Hills which I found to be very beautiful.

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