Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Twinge of Guilt

I was tormented by readers reception of my ebooks today, that it made me feel sick as I made my way to work.

As a writer, I've always been told that no book is the same. I could have ten books, but there are those that people would enjoy more than others- and it would be a bitter pill to swallow if I sought more feedback from my readers.

I now have to accept this as true.

I know there are days when I wake up and find myself writing as freely as water dripping from a faucet, and there are also days when picking a pen to draft even a note of thanks seems like a curse from from gods.

So, what is it about readership?
How come some books are well accepted and widely read while others are not- yet they are written by the same author?

Plot. Appeal and good marketing!
Every story has a different plot and this would largely affect how much it's read and when- and at times you cannot expect to have your book read by more than 1000 people in a day. It takes time and you have to spread the word.

I decided to look at my dashboard on Smashwords- and realized that of all the 25 ebooks that I've written and published, I love you this much has 10,943 downloads while If time is all I have  has 185 downloads.
That's a difference of 10,758 downloads...wicked right?

The most recent ebook, The perfect love story which was published on June 4th this year- has 222 downloads.

What does this mean?
Some people liked some books over the other and there's nothing much you can do as a writer about that. There are times when your writing will reach out to people- and you'll get their feedback more often, and times when you'd yearn for it- but one thing is certain "you are a writer and you have to write!"

I see this in every day activities, like have you ever stayed home for a week- and found yourself waking up to the same chores?
You can easily get bored or side tracked- but what matters is your motivation and ability to step back and rejuvenate.

Before I forget, this writer has been traveling every day, and she thinks the next ebook should be worth checking out- so until then, have a blessed  weekend.


For all that is right, let there be love-peace and understanding.