Thursday, July 31, 2014

And I lost my voice

I should have started this in some way- but nothing beats opening your mouth and no sound comes out- especially when you're standing in front of an audience!

This is exactly what happened to me today. I was visiting a school called Agai Primary, and just when I was called upon to introduce myself- and when I opened my mouth, I felt this sharp pain in my throat and was forced to stay silent for an hour. I did not like it, but well, sometimes our bodies know when to pull the reigns and make us stop.

So, what did I do?
I managed to enjoy a few moments on top of this rock!

​Then I had to drink lots of water and stay calm- but all the while I was thinking of writing and what would come next for me. On our way back, thanks to the mobile court set up at Ahero junction by the traffic police, we had to walk for twenty minutes into the town to get a matatu to Kisumu.

I was exhausted and frail, but after having a cup of tea, this girl sat down to share her thoughts on her various blogs. I then realized that though I've not written a novella in a month, I've always blogged and shared my experiences- so in a way, I still have lost to do.

Those blogs I'm talking about are:

So, I still have a school to visit tomorrow and all I can do is hope and really pray that I'll regain my voice in time for the meeting.

All in all, there's a holiday coming up and I've got at least two weeks to write some novellas and share them with you.

Until then, be brave, have a laugh, think well of someone, and remember to read a chapter or two of a book :-)


For all that is right, let there be love-peace and understanding.