Friday, July 25, 2014

When it feels like you're stuck

Sometimes we plan to do a lot of things and in our activities we suddenly come to the realization that we've not moved an inch- and then that's when it hits us that we've just been going round in circles.

Have you ever felt that way?
Of course, I'm just wallowing in my thoughts expecting that you have been through something like that, so I can breathe and say "I'm not the only one!" (There's comfort in numbers, right?)

Well, I'm not feeling good right now, and it's like with every word I type these feelings just find themselves meshed in the words, and it feels so real, that...I'm freaking out!

Okay...think yellow flowers.
That's not coffee!
That's not working too, okay...just concentrate and get yourself together...fine!

Now, where was I before the short panic session?

Yes, I'm not feeling good right now, but I know that it's because I want things to happen so fast that I cannot breathe or think straight. I did not head out to work today because I had a health scare yesterday and when I woke up my chest felt like Legolas was sending a lot of arrows to it.
You know like this was happening:
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So, that aside...I bought a new writing pad and some neon pink stick-notes to finally get Currents ready, and why the sudden blue feeling?

It's because I have set a time-crunch on my writing. I have set myself a deadline for 31st August to have completed the first book- Fire, and September 15th to have started the next one- Air.

Tricky, right?

Yes, it's very tricky because a book cannot be rushed. A story cannot be microwaved!
It has to be be brewed like the best coffee.
I could have talked of wine- but I know nothing about wine making, so using it as a reference would serve me no purpose. So, what's the hiccup?

  1. I found myself going through the first sixteen thousand words and feeling like I could scrap off the whole bit save for the dialogues.
  2. There's a character, Ulioko, who is the kingdom's Informer, who seems to be stealing the thunder from everyone else.
  3. One of the royals is too nice...he's creeping me out.
  4. One of the guards is getting too close to the royals, and I need to kill that closeness or withhold it until book three- Fire.
So, why not get on with it?
I have been trying to fix things and so far it's not working. It's like my brain has decided to take some leave- and that's not what I had hoped for. So, I figured I could blog or read a novel and then get back to it, but so far all is well and I can do nothing much but write whatever comes to mind until I get into the zone and finally finish writing.
So, what am I learning through all this?
I know I can find myself stuck, and that I can always get out of it. Getting stuck does not mean it's the end of what you're doing, it just means you need to get better and stronger wheels so you drive off with extra oomph!


For all that is right, let there be love-peace and understanding.