Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Things Change, or do they?

Bob Brady once said, "Things may change tomorrow. There's always room for change."

I feel like I'm a plate of maize, beans, irish potatoes, carrots, avocados, peas and cabbages!

(Thanks Noni for the wonderful picture- check out her blog Noni's Kitchen Adventures )

I'm a being full of mixed emotions with the desire to prove herself right and wrong at the same time. In other words, I am conflicted at the moment- and I daresay that it's part of growing up or coming to terms with life.

So, having had a great meeting with the team for the Teen project yesterday- I came home to a day full of reading, writing, meeting with friends and taking three cups of coffee!

Yes- why?
Well, I had better get a move on with the project and I accomplished one feat today: I printed a few business cards! Yes, I officially did so- and now I have to work on a program and proposal for fundraising.

But- that's not what has me all jumbled up- I have not written anything in two days as regards the novel that's due for release in December. I had set up targets for making sure that I get to the word count limit that I wanted and at this rate, I have only been working on the Teen project and setting it aside for too long.

So, when I checked my email, I got a reminder from Lulu about the book, and I have been writing down character sketches ever since, so thanks for that!
I have not yet resumed work full-time, and I have to make the most of the free time that I have now, and it got me thinking of how fast things change. In one breath things can happen to us, or we can make things happen that affect the course of our life.

I also like to be in control, to always know what's happening- how, when, why and what'll be the outcome, and today Prince Charming let it all out for me. He does smile before he gets serious unlike me- because I smile or smirk when I'm pissed off. So, after his killer smile comes the words, "you know what Dora, people change, times change but if there's one thing you sure have taught me it's that I get to decide how to react to it, so how about lunch- just you and me- no stories, no talk, just us eating."

And do you know the first thing I asked?

"Where and when?"

He laughed and said, "I'll tell you madam Schedule," and he ended the call. So, I am Madam Schedule, uh?

So far- it's easy to say that change is good- or to see it in other people, but would you believe me if I say that every morning as the sun rises and we get out of bed and look at ourselves in the mirror, most of us fail to see just how different we are...
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