Sunday, September 14, 2014

Like Water

I do not like breaking up just as much I do not fancy making up. I learned something today that may have been coming my way but I pretended it was not. I was so busy trying to evade the truth such that when it finally stood right before me, I could do nothing but breathe and do what I do best which is to walk away.
So, bear with me here, I am not talking in parables because I am making sense in my cryptic way.
I have been told I am too good in job interviews and accepted the fact thrice, but today being told that I was too good had me walking away with my thoughts and feelings afraid of a confrontation.
I don't do confrontations!
I just don't have the strength to argue and be up in someone's face because frankly speaking I have in my artillery words that cut and kill, and do not ever want to use them, because like I said...I don't  fancy making up.
So, here it is...Prince Charming told me that I am perfect, too good and he just can't see himself always trying to catch up.
Classic: It's not you, it's me.
But, do you break up from a solid friendship?

How do friends just stop being friends? So, I nodded and told him it's okay and then wished him a great week ahead and walked away saying that I had some writing to do back at home.

He laughed behind me. I heard his laughter and thought that he was putting on a show because between us both we are a class act. I am a perfect Drama Queen and he's the perfect King and audience.

So, he shouts, "hey, Arch! Si you wait! Sijamaliza! Si you wait!"

And I stop and turn, classic romance movie right up, and he walks up to me, takes my hand in his and says "you always walk away when you are mad, now we are going to get kahawa and you will tell me everything."
"I'll take the kahawa but I don't want to talk, not now."
"So, you will blog about me right? Kuambia Jodie kila kitu, eh?"
"Yes, and I have a good memory so don't challenge me!"
"Ni sawa, but I'm thinking we should make it official, go out on a date. Me and you, and start from there."

The balls!
Seriously, have you ever met a more egoistical guy?
And from today onwards, I shall refer to him as Prince Grumpy because this Charming thing is getting into his big head giving him ideas about getting too close for comfort! So in Grumpy's world, I am more like water refreshing and destructive at the same time and he wants to experience the destructive side of me because I have been nothing but refreshing to him. This has to be the second time I find myself enthralled by my best friend, and though they say 'once bitten twice shy,' I find myself saying 'a cat has nine lives.'

So, I went to the market and got three tee-shirts one of them has a picture of Olly Murs and I also got these books yesterday:

I already finished reading "Rules of Attraction" by Simone Elkeles and I'd say Carlos Fuentes is quite the character!

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