Friday, September 12, 2014

What do you care?

I decided to style up on Monday.
Don't ask me why, but I wanted to wear a skirt to work and this is what my efforts produced until something happened this evening!

In the midst of an angry rage, all I heard was, "what do you care?"

The conversation ended right there because I didn't want to talk things through. So, I decided to list some words and phrases that definitely signal the end of an argument.
  1. ​Fine!
  2. Do whatever you want!​
  3. ​Just do it, see if I care!
  4. You know what, I'm done!
  5. Just Shut up!
  6. To hell with you!

​I've always known that words cannot be undone or taken back though people always take time to say, "I take back my words," well- that's dandy and all but the effect of those words on whoever you said them to cannot be taken back or erased.
So, what's got me all knotted?

I figured being the one to listen or decide who's right between two people (and good friends might I add) is a WRONG idea!
"Help so and so understand where I'm coming from with this, please..." Na lie! Na lie!

Don't do it.
So, in the middle of my listening session one of them simply blurted out "what do you care?" I took my bag and left because really "what did I care?"

I was hurt.
Not just hurt on the surface, but hurt enough to put it into writing but not share the details because it still amazes me how friendship can be built over two decades but destroyed in five minutes by words and gestures expressed out of anger.

So, I went ahead with my agenda for the evening and got neon pencils and erasers.

I guess sometimes I've got to sit back and let the pain sink in.

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