Thursday, September 25, 2014


"Practice makes perfect!"
Have you ever heard of that?
It got drummed in me for most of my life in primary school. I was in the dance group, choral verse group, debate group and public speech group. I had to master my moves, words and facial expressions so much so that I buckled under the strain of it all and found myself suffering from sever peptic ulcers.
It was never a good experience, but sometimes when I look back on those years I am astounded at how much emotional strain I was going through and how it never crossed the mind of my teachers to give me a break rather than push academics down my throat!

Yesterday as I went to bed, the same feeling was with me.
In writing, nothing ever comes close to perfection. Your book could be the best seller of all times but some people will still find fault with it. It's just that you cannot please everyone, but that's not even half of it.
The greatest story needs time and lots of revision.
No one says it will be easy on you when you finally sit down to write something. I know of friends who thought that simply writing in a journal could be easy but they never went beyond a day's entry! Others have thought that writing a romance ebook comes off easy but never went beyond the title of the story, so what does it take?

I could say guts, but sometimes I feel foolish.
Yes, I feel like I am constantly fighting for something that's best left alone. It is during these times that I go back to my previous works and read them slowly picking out the good and bad and using them in my notes because I know this is some kind of revision too.

Perfection comes under strain and immense hard work- but when you sit back and look at the journey you have traveled, it only feels as though you have packed your bags and have never left the house. It's a never-ending cycle, and some days like today I feel like I could keep going.

Do not let anyone define you.