Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weekend things

​So, Saturday's here.
I can't wait for Monday because that means two things for me:
  1. A new work schedule
  2. A new writing schedule 
Work's been good so far and I have to get my duties accomplished and that means visiting schools I had not visited this month- so with the rains and all, I'm sure it'd be swell!
I passed by Nakumatt yesterday and got this book:

I was intrigued by the title and thought it'd be a good read and so far I'd say that the author does say for sure that French women do eat three meals a day, drink water, eat fresh fruits, take wine or champagne, and they love fashion...but that's not all there is to this book. I love the recipes and it's gotten me to appreciate a new way of making breakfast fun and delicious and that means I'll be cooking more!
I also entered the Narrative iStory Contest and I've got three more submissions to make towards my writing goal this year. As for Mist it's still a working progress because I've come to explore various genres in writing and I am learning as I go. I make mistakes along the way and pick up as I edit and revise my work and that's more than I could say for myself two years ago.

This coming month my main focus is on "adding flesh" to a book that I have been writing.
You've probably heard me going on about Currents- but I would say that it's a journey for me. I have achieved so much more than I had hoped for while back in high school, and the more books I read, articles I write and competitions I enter, I learn that there's more to my writing if I put all my resources and energy into it.
So, what do I mean by adding flesh?

Have you ever read "Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe? He's my favorite Writer of all time- and though he's departed, I still refer to him in the present tense because of the life that thrives in his writing. I mean reading a book that not only speaks to you but leaves you asking questions, searching for enlightenment days or even years after you've read it.

That's what it means to "add flesh."
 Most books that don't have this quality are what I always call "Give me a Break" books. You can read them in thirty minutes or less, all you do is flip page after page knowing what the ending would be. I'd say Mills&Boons, but if you've read much, you already know that.

So, you may be less of a planner like me- but I'd love to know what you hope to work on this October, and I do wish you all the best of luck hoping that whatsoever you choose to do will make you an even better human being.​