Friday, September 19, 2014

When will you ever do that?

You've always wanted to travel, see the world, eh?
You've always wanted to lose some weight, tone down a little.
You've always wanted to start a side business.
You've always wanted to write the story of your life.
To get out more often, to make more realistic goals, to get out of a bad relationship, to tell someone you like them...

Well,it's been years down the line, what happened to that?

Let's be just found it easier to push it out of your mind and there's nothing as spacious as the sub-conscious, and unconscious!
I mean if you ever want space, simply be in a complete state of denial. Put it behind you, pretend it doesn't exist and your sub-conscious would gladly store it up for you like a germ!

But when it the door opens and you review one thing- you shall have a floodgate of memories and emotions that would either give you a break-down or have you seek psychiatric me on this one...don't bench stuff!

I've had some pretty emotional weeks and I daresay that nothing makes me smile as having the feeling of a volcanic mountain erupting! I seriously burn the people around me with my emotions like molten lava...and in a sick and cruel way, I find it a cup of tea at 2pm!

My drama aside,if you have projects that you've set aside or pushed out of your mind for sometime and you'd really want to pick up where you left here's how I see it:
  1. Start small. You had the project idea, but make a one side write what you expected to achieve with it, and on the other the reasons why you never got to it. Be as honest as possible, because your list determines step two.
  2. Cancel out three reasons why  you couldn't go through with the project and replace them with what you could have done instead.
  3. You started by writing why you wanted to do the project right? So, write three reasons why you should not do it, right now.
  4. Compare your reasons in step 3 against your reasons in step 2.
  5. Once this is done- pin them somewhere public as "DOUBTS" or better yet use the name I use "THOMASES"
  6. Get off your lazy procrastinating seat and get started! You'll never know how much you can succeed unless you try...

Best of luck!

Do not let anyone define you.

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