Sunday, October 5, 2014

What happens when work's all about complains of the boss?

You have to read this post if you are: working with people, working under people or working for people.

Do you answer to someone?
Do people answer to you?

And forget the employer-employee relationship that results in a salary or wage consider also any relationship you have with people. You invest time, attention and emotions and expect the same from others too in your life- so that's work because you constantly build on it and learn new skills as you grow.

So for now, I'll focus on bad bosses!
I mean they always mess up your day and seem not to care for your development but that you slave without thinking or feeling and worse off voicing these feelings. So, it's lunch or tea time and you are out of the office and someone starts talking about how much they hate the boss and would definitely beat them up if they were to meet in a dark alley. You listen and, brilliant idea...but you say nothing and soon everyone shares how one time the boss was mean and disrespectful to them.

​I have had such an experience and trust me- it does not help trying to see things from the boss's side, but here's the thing I live by at work:
First, my boss clearly told me one time when I tried to make him realize he was wrong that "I am the boss! I run the show!"
So, I know he is the boss. I do not give a hoot about anything other than ensuring my work's done- we talk work and nothing else just reports- because he made his position clear.

But-see bashing the boss takes up too much time that you could spend at work, it does not advance your career, and when you bash him you lose the opportunity to learn from his mistakes because you shall have labeled him the evil one in your mind already.So, before you bash your boss this will help (trust me, I use it daily!)
  • will this comment help the organization?
  • will it help realize our vision or attract and retain customers?
  • ​will it help the person I am talking to?
  • will it help the person I am talking about?

If your answers are: no, no, no, no- Shut up!

It's true that bad bosses create an emotional climate with their attitudes and behavior but you can choose to not let it be your topic of concern. If you want to dwell on it you will only grow into a gossip and there's nothing as active and a quick way of losing your job and integrity by fueling the rumor vine.

You can learn so much more about being a good leader from a bad boss so don't despair, turn things around in your favor. And sometimes while bashing your boss you demean yourself without intending to or knowing that you really are doing so- because if he's so mean and doesn't know what he's doing, why are you reporting to him? Why not report for someone else who is brilliant? Your bad boss as you see him/her might be the reason why you gain good leadership skills- so if he/she does something you feel is untoward ask yourself what you could have done- and why?

But let it be clear asking for sexual favors, stealing, lying to cover up some organizational crime or being flogged does not apply here.

So, if you ask me, what happens when work's all about complains of the boss, I will share with you what I will be doing- pulling out my novel and reading a good story. I would rather use the time to develop myself, because let's face it- if your boss is bad- people will complain and you cannot cut off their tongues while they do this- if one thing is certain- you can forward them this post so they can learn from my experience.

He/she is the boss today, and you will be the boss tomorrow.

Arm yourself with the necessary skills so as not to be the one who is bashed tomorrow.

Do not let anyone define you.