Friday, October 3, 2014

Who came up with this DIY thing?

Imagine having exhausted your muscles at work only to come back home and find yourself caught between two people arguing over who will buy charcoal or not?

Yes, so that's not so serious right? You have experienced two hours in traffic, exhaustion, and the thought of waking up at 5am to do it over again so my rant has nothing on you.

Well, you are right but so am I, because I learned that even though it is good to do things yourself- sometimes a little help is all you need.

Now, can I go back to my charcoal story?

So, I get home by 11am feeling exhausted after trekking up some hill in Nyakach and am told "Arch, hakuna makaa ya supper."
I hand these two girls who are watching afro-sinema a hundred shilling note and tell them it's for charcoal. They look from one to the other. Jackie tells Joan to take it. Joan tells Jackie she should take it because she is the one who said there was no charcoal. I am thinking Jackie is my younger sister and Joan is my nephew's nanny. I am covering the cost of electricity and cable that is fueling their love for afro-sinema. I also bought the juice they are drinking and probably a whole lot of stuff to ensure that they never miss a meal.
So, I simply withdraw my hand and keep the money in my bag.

I sit down and write my report then prepare to leave for a meeting with my supervisor. They are still watching afro-sinema.
I come back later on at 4pm. They are listening to radio and showing each other texts they have received from admirers.

I walk into the kitchen and pick a paper bag then change my ngoma's for slippers. My nephew sees me and asks 'Arch, where are you going?"
I tell him I am going to get charcoal. He jumps off the seat and says he is going with me as long as I buy him something sweet.

We leave and when we come back Joan is taking a nap while Jackie is watching music videos. I do not say anything but simply prepare my things for work for the coming day.

It's been three days and I find it amusing that I really needed their help that day but it did not come due to their bickering. I could have stood my ground and asked them to get up and go get the charcoal, but I didn't. I had turned into my sister (love you lots too). She never argues with anyone when it comes to doing things that she can do. She can accept help but almost always does things on her own. She's the epitome of DIY (Do it Yourself).

So, sometimes I am bound to be disappointed but when it comes to getting things done, it does not hurt to do them myself. I have learned that I can push myself in my writing and now even to get some chores around the house done.
Talking of writing, I am preparing for NanoWrimo this coming November. It will be 50,000 words to write and I can't wait to see my progress!

I even bought stationery for it!

Do not let anyone define you.