Saturday, October 25, 2014

What's happened so far.

I have had quite a wonderful week, because I haven't had the time to sit down and finish writing "Fire."
This would have saddened me three months ago, but now, it is all about the art of 'simmering.' Yes, I am taking things as slow and precise as they ought to be because I have learned that a story can be told in less than five hundred words and it would still have meaning. So, I have chopped down lots of repetitive paragraphs and had four cups of tea today while doing so, and come to the conclusion that all will be well.

So, let me tell you about my trek yesterday!
I went to make a follow up visit at a school around Lela (a few minutes before you get to Ahero) and had to walk for forty-five minutes because it had rained heavily the previous night and no picky-picky was willing to go there.

I got to this bridge (which the people call 'olalo' in Dholuo) and had to walk for an extra ten minutes to get to the school.

So, when I got to the school gate, and paused to catch my breath imagine my surprise at seeing that I had covered 8.5kms from the main road. I was like, 'are you sure? That distance seems more like 6 or 7kms, really? Are you kiddin' me?'
Well, I got no answer, but let's say that I have toned abs now :-) and muscles!

Grace dared me to cook something awesome last week and I prepared vegetable spaghetti. I got to brag about it on this blog. See the ingredients I bought:

​My favorite has to be Cayenne Pepper, because it lights up soup literally! And today, I thought about visiting the Kisumu National Library and seeing what they had on their shelves because I had been disgruntled that they never stocked new books. I took a stroll there and found two things surprising:
  1. The attendant/cashier had grown fat!
  2. The shelves still had the same books, same pile of dust and same poor lighting and no, I scanned every book reminding myself of the pleasure I had in reading them until I stumbled upon these two titles in the 'Marketing' section.

I have to get my focus on writing and see to it that no matter what happens I sharpen and tweak my areas of weakness because it's been a great year, full of lessons and love and attention.

Here's to Grumpy for also making headlines on my blog but more so to Grace and Joseph who will be having my nephew or niece in five months to come- and who have been the greatest inspiration and testament to what love is.

Do not let anyone define you.