Monday, November 3, 2014

One down, lots more to go.

Yesterday was a long and very determined day for me and the results of my efforts made today even better. What a way to start a week, right?
Well, here's what I'm talking about.

​I finally finished writing book one of the Currents series and it's titled "Fire," so whether self-publishing or traditional publishing is best- I am going the self-pub way and I have to order at least a copy for me to proof and keep in my library as a token of my hard work!

What if you'd like to read it? How, when and where can you get a copy?
I'll let you know in due time once the links are activated, but trust me on this one- this book took a toll on me in terms of going back into history and working through the customs of people who lived long before my great grandfather.

It's been a wonderful year for me and my family- and their support is not lost on me, so I'm grateful and now that "Fire" is ready, let's see how many minds it'll set ablaze!

Though this book is complete, I'll have to admit that my NanoWrimo performance is not going so well. I have written 2,612 words so far and I have 47,388 words more to go before November 30th! :-(
I will get there, I can focus on my off days to achieve it- so maybe tomorrow, and on 5th, something could come out of 48hours of pure bliss!

It feels good to accomplish something, but it gets even better when you set higher standards and work hard towards them, and for this I'd say that I am learning that I cannot do it all- no matter how much I beat myself for failing on a task- I am constantly reminded by Grace and Grumpy that I am doing great. Joseph's been of help too, but he clearly stated that I am a quasi-fan because I did not throw a pity party when Man U lost to Man City. I think it's because I said, "well, they lost this game, but am glad they still get their salary..."

He gave me the Darth Vader look, and since then we have not shown each other our teeth...maybe he'll smile tomorrow when I offer to take Grace for a walk so he can work on his Thesis!
Do not let anyone define you.

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