Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"FIRE" is available for download at Amazon.

I finally did finish writing "Fire" and I have started working on book two which follows in the series and it's titled "Water."
This project was close to my heart because I had this idea when a publisher told me that he was looking for the "African Voice" in my work and could not find it, and hence he turned down the proposal of this story, and my friend's husband, was so pleased when he read the first chapter that he told me I should write it. 
You know the publishing industry is all about business while writing is an art. It may take a Writer, years or even their whole life to get noticed for their skills and creativity- but am grateful that we have avenues like CreateSpace and Smashwords that allow writers to explore and improve on their writing.
So, I started writing "Fire" last year. At first it was to keep my friend's husband entertained. He loves reading, and he insisted that I write and share snippets of the story with him, little did I know that he was doing this because my friend Grace had asked him to. They were engaged by then, and she was looking for ways to encourage me to take my writing seriously by even getting "fake fans." I was angry when I found out, but the feeling didn't last.

What's this book about?
Fire is the first of four books in the series titled "Currents," and it follows the life of a young Prince named Ustawi. He is brought into the world and received by a father who expects to have the best legacy through him, and though everyone is pleased, there is but one man named Ukweli who has had a vision of what is to come under the boy's reign. Fire introduces the Prince as a boy, while the remaining three books -Water, Wind, Earth will focus on his growth into leadership and also focus on whether the vision Ukweli had would come to pass.
Why should you read it?
It's a family read that's deeply rooted in culture, customs of the African people like the naming ceremony, betrothals, respect for elders and the names of the characters are inspired by time in Kiswahili.
Why Currents?
I took the theme of this series from the elements of nature: Water, Wind, Fire, Earth. 
I believe that we are as dynamic as we can be, and things happen to influence our actions and decisions in life that sometimes are beyond us, so just like there are currents in the water- I figured that this theme would be symbolic in depicting Prince Ustawi's coming of age.

So, thank you for always supporting me by letting me rant about my experiences here and sharing my words with your friends and family. I would also like to request you to do the same for this book.
You can either buy the ebook or the print version on Amazon, just click here and you are on your way to receiving a piece of work by yours truly :-)
Thank you.
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