Monday, December 15, 2014

3-Day weekend in a Library

Hold up! Before you roll your eyes beyond their sockets, just entertain me for five minutes.

What's it with the 3-day weekend in a library and better yet, which library are we talking about?

I have been taking leadership lessons and insights for some time now, and that has also endeared me to study sign language in a bid to go beyond what I know into the unknown. So, this past week has been hectic because I have been on the road more than I can sleep- and my mentor decided to bring me back to what I love- writing.
He said that I should not talk so much about my love for writing but should go ahead and write.
I started out with Fire this November, and am waiting to receive copies of the book from Amazon, but what of the next book?
I know I have three months to get "Water" out there- and it is the core book in the series and as such would have to be a full length novel, and I am worried. I cannot lie that I have my doubts and fears about making it better and widely read by people, so what will I do?

I don't know and that's what I was hoping my mentor would help me understand.
Instead he said, "that's for you to figure out."
I don't know why but doesn't he sound too cranky on a Monday afternoon?

So, as he went one he said that I need a time out- and away from the internet and music and to find a seat in the corner in a library where it's quiet and write until my pencil runs out!
So, I got a 200 sheet writing pad, a dozen pencils, one sharpener and three erasers to use this weekend.

I asked, "what if I have to work?"
He smiled and said, "work, but then go by the library and write. I want to see you finish this because you are good at pending projects."

He's right on that,so that's what I'll do. I will sit and write, and maybe stare at the ceiling for an hour or doze off once in a while from Thursday to Saturday- and then maybe say that all is well.

So, what's my take on this?
We all need a break sometimes and it's not to lose touch of who we are but to appreciate who we have always been and would be, and it's not a bad thing.

Do not let anyone define you.

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