Thursday, December 18, 2014

Let's dwell on the Grey areas please

"Things are black or white, it's either yes or no, so what will it be?"

I should say that it's an easy way to handle matters or better yet conclude a dilemma, but what if, just think for a second, what if whatever it comes down to at that moment is a deal breaker? And not a good one? What then, uh?

So, take a seat and go on, because after three cups of coffee and watching ten episodes of How to get away with Murder I think that things have gone south for me.
​So, why this entry?
Well, first I know the internet never forgets, and second, I want this to be proof of my decision of the dilemma I am facing and also a reminder that I will follow through with my actions.

I am a hopeless romantic.
I also like to see people eat good food, have a laugh and most of all enjoy some music.
I am definitely into guys who read and wear Converse. Dude, if you don't have at least a pair of Converse then you ain't worth pinning for, just saying!

Plus, I do know a few good looking football players in La Liga, Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and of course the Barclays Premier League. I won't sit down for 90 minutes or worse off the extra time to watch a game with you when I could read a good book, listen to music or cook, capisce!

I met this guy while working and named him Mr. Sensible- because he showed none of it and my infatuation with him was enough to warrant me a few letters, and it faded as soon as I got back home.

So, enter- Mr. Ring (we will call him that for the time being) who is engaged to a mutual friend, and who apparently called off his engagement and came to me to say that he wants to marry me instead.

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Now, let's breathe and slowly think this fact, why don't you do it, while I add some sugar to my coffee?

You'd ask, "who is the mutual friend?"
"Was there anything going on underneath the surface between us?"

To answer your first question, "I value our mutual friend, and honestly I'd pick her over anyone else any day or time."

To answer your second question, "Nothing! Or so it seems I was clueless, because I respect both of them I would not go into details of what he said, but would admit that it would be a telenovela kinda cliffhanger moment that leads to the epic finale."

So, what's it got to do with grey areas?

Well, he did end things by telling his fiancee that he wanted to be with me- and that he was tired of acting like he didn't feel anything and she was the one who called me I think 'five minutes' worth of insults courtesy of Safaricom!The best part was that I was at work, and clueless of what she was going on about- and then he called to straighten things out and that's when I got to know the gist of things.

Real smooth, uh?

I love drama, it's always a good pitch for any story- but today it felt like I was being pelted with bricks for something I didn't know about- and that hurts! So she asked me, "do you love him?"

I said, "No."

She asked me again, "It's either black or white, yes or no, do you love him?"
I said, "Never!"

Now, what more could I say? I have been watching "How to get away with Murder" ever since I got home because to be honest I want them to settle their differences, and he can think things through and decide what to do- because for me, the whole black and white issue does not settle well with me. I am used to grey areas where any subtle thought or emotion could have a ripple effect on the final outcome.

"Do I love him?"
That's not the question you should be asking.

"Could I love him?"

That's the question you need to ask, and if you have read this far then you already know the answer to that. In the mean time, I'll add four more books to my library :-)

Do not let anyone define you.

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