Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Have some Class,please!

Did you see that girl in pajamas in town today?
The one in short hair, hands tucked in her pockets, and wearing purple slippers?
Or better yet, did you see the one in over-sized jeans eating maize at 2pm? Who in their right senses eats roasted maize in Kisumu at 2pm?

Well, if you have seen her around town...say hello, to "ME" :-)
Nice to meetcha' anyway!

It's been a hot week! Let's be honest, anyone residing in Kisumu- knows the heat has been crazy to the point of taking say more than three showers a day, and all cold ones! But, aside from the heat, the road construction has added to the dust and confusion and hurry to get to places where I would normally walk- but today, I met my Mentor for a brief.

He applauded me for joining the Teen's Ministry in church, but said, I need to accept hugs more often as much as I smile at people. I told him it's the reason why I opted out of the Youth meeting at Church. See, the welcome hugs and whispers and cheers just ambushed me.
He was also pleased to learn that I am getting back to my 5am club and reading more books from the library.
He loved my poems, and said I should write more poems to create some sort of flexibility in my way of writing.

However, he found my dressing too off the shelves if I must say. His words were, "have some class, please?"
It was hot, I was doubting the effectiveness of my anti-antiperspirant, I was hungry and this man questions my sense of style (which by the way, has not changed much since I joined high school! I'm a boy-jean and Bata Sundrops kinda girl you know.)
So, after a moment, he went on to say that I should set aside the boy-jeans and maybe work my way to dresses and flats. I told him I was doing that every Sunday. He laughed, and said, fine.

Now, ladies- we own the word "FINE," it's our way of letting the guys know that we don't want to discuss something for hours because we already know we are right. To have a man say that...and at that point in the conversation where you are coming to a middle ground- let's just say that I was ticked off big time!

So, what is class?
How do I get this class that my Mentor expects me to acquire?
Is there some shop like say a bookshop I can buy it from? And at what price?

The way I see it, "Class is how you carry yourself." You do not exert a sense of pride unless you know your life story can handle it.
So, when I asked him what he meant by class, I was surprised to hear him say that 'It came out wrong, I just wanted to tell you that you need to switch up your dressing, out with the baggy jeans and wear more fitting clothes that show your curves and all.' Let's just say that at this point we both let out a short breath, and I decided to go easy on him and withdrew my 'victim' card.

So, I have two challenges for the next two months:
  • Write a romance novel, and post it on Smashwords (it's high time)
  • Write a non-fiction piece of work.

I have to write the story and make it available on either February 14th or 15th without delay. When he said this, I nearly lost my senses, "two weeks to write a romance story, and a good one at such?" He nodded and said, "you can write a story in a day, so just keep adding scenes, isn't that how writers write?"

I could have given him the Gibbs treatment (slapped the back of his head so hard he senses came to the front, but I was not in the mood for all that talk, I wanted to get home and finish eating my roasted maize.)

Why February 14th?

Well, it turns out I have a date for Valentines. I do not know what he's like, but even though Grumpy is around and we had made plans, it seems that my mentor has planned something and it involves me wearing a dress and acting like the lady that he knows I am. So, I know It's been a while since I published a romance ebook on Smashwords, and he wants me to keep at it and not forget where I started from as I continue marketing #FIRE, bu seriously two weeks? (I'll get started on the names)

​I don't know about you, but have you ever said something but it came out all wrong?
What did you do?