Sunday, February 1, 2015

Copies of Fire, eh?

It's been a week of reading some great books. I would admit that I started this year by focusing on some excellent reads, masterpieces if you wish, and it has made me question the whole writing process and the different ways in which we tell our stories.
Have you ever read a book and wondered, where did the author come up with that?
Have you also read a book that swallowed you up body and soul, so much so that you want to read it all the time?
I started out my year like that, and I am yet to see how that will pen out.
Two weeks ago, I put myself out there by asking you to get a copy of Fire online. It was on Friday, 16 January if I recall.(here's the article) I also stated that I would ask you at the end of the month if you went ahead and bought a copy, well, did you?
I ordered fifteen  copies and they look great, right? So, Mom took five copies for her people and I went on to sell the rest, got three copies left until the next shipment arrives.
My friend (we grew up in the same estate and share the same name) got the first copy and asked to take a picture with me.I'm grateful that she's supporting me. I have also got a few emails requesting for the release date of Water, and let's put that on hold first. I know it would be available in April, but am still working on it to ensure that the story is what it it needs to be. I am also introducing a new character who seems to be making life in the palace quite an interesting feat.

I also decided to take out my nephew and Joan out to the park for a fun day to celebrate and chill out, instead we had plenty of photo sessions, got scared by cheetahs during their meal time, and debated about going on a boat ride, had lots of masala chips and fanta orange, and somewhere along the way I started writing a romance novel.
 As for today, well, I taught the Sunday School class of ages 9-11 and it was fun. There is a certain cloud of responsibility that hovered over my head when they called me "Teacher Dora." I am looking forward to seeing them next Sunday.

What are you hoping for this coming week?
How are you going to go about it? All in all, I wish you a wonderful week and I have come to understand that going the extra mile in everything you do goes a long in preparing you for the good things in life. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there or to wear your heart on your sleeves, the world needs more hearts and kindness than frowns and hate.

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