Monday, February 16, 2015

Learned my lesson, and it sucks!

"Do unto others, as you'd like them to do unto you."

I was raised by the Golden Rule, and I recall being a kid and coming across a ten cent and my Mom would always ask me to do the right thing: which was either to walk past it or pick it up and hand it over to the next figure of authority in case someone lost it.

You know, back then one ten cent coin was enough to buy a biscuit.
The round (soft and tasty like Marie biscuits) that were so dainty you had to eat twenty of them to be full!

I grew up knowing that sometimes life is so tough on you- but when you come across something that is not yours then you give it back, or look out for the owner and give it back. If he/she rewards you then you thank them- and simply wish them well.

Well, today I learned that we are not the same- and even though I have always known this, I felt it today when I lost two thousand shillings at Nakumatt. I realized the money was missing when I got to the till and the cashiers and customer care personnel helped me retrace my steps but we could not find it. I know they could have looked at their cctv cameras but they did not, maybe then we could have seen someone stoop to pick the money from the floor, but even then...I'm short two thousand shillings and there's nothing I can do to get it back, save for share the feeling of not finding it with you.

See, I do not feel bad about losing the money but what hurts me is that someone found it and kept it as though they had earned it. I feel bad because I fooled myself into believing that if I lived by the golden rule then everyone else would...well, that's billions of people to worry about, eh?

So, it is true that we are not cut from the same cloth, but if ever you come across what's not yours and I also mean the misdirected MPESA transactions- find it in your heart to return it to the owner, for though the golden rule has not applied to my life today, I still have money, good health, and the belief that some day I'll happen to be a blessing to whoever has failed to do so to me today.
Do not let anyone define you.