Saturday, March 7, 2015

A year older, and here's to Women

*drum-rolls please*

*Thank you, very much!*

So, I am turning a year older tomorrow and I decided that it would be better to post something today as opposed to tomorrow.

And tomorrow is :
​Women have long been the pillar of society, and as we are brought into this world by mothers who nurture and protect us, I cannot help but wish the women all the strength, love and most of all hope that is needed to brave each day in their quest for a better life.

For some time, my birthday has always found me in the middle of some remote villages working, but this year, I am home and my family is well aware of the expectations I have: family dinner.

Why so?

Growing up, my mom never threw us birthday parties. I will be honest and say, that for as long as I can remember, I have never cut a birthday cake or opened up a bunch of presents, but I have always had dinner. 
Not just dinner, but family dinner and it was because on my birthday, I would request any meal and Mom would surely prepare it, and everyone would sing for me a "happy birthday song," and Mom would give me a card.

It was always simple. It is this simplicity that I want, because now I realize that Mom was always showing us what a good family is. We always sat down, prayed, and then enjoyed the meal courtesy of the birthday girl.

But, my sister, pulled a fast one on me by getting me an early gift of coffee, a good book and a sweet card. And now, Grumpy has gotten me four books (thanks to #booksfirst) and a #healthywoman magazine.

So, as we celebrate my birthday and International Women's Day tomorrow, remember to hug that wonderful woman in your life and in your own way let her know that she is not only beautiful but also cherished. 
If she is miles away, call and as you listen to her voice, relish each sound she makes and wish her a wonderful day. This may not only be for the day, but for every other day.

But, as the world remembers this day with hastags like #IWD2015 and  #PaintItPurple , I would also like to thank and appreciate the men who have always been supportive of the women in their lives.
Do not let anyone define you.