Sunday, March 1, 2015


He knew that whenever he called she would come running.
She loved him. She said so in her sleep. She told that nosy friend of her's over the phone. She updated her status on Facebook to "in a Relationship."

She had a smile that rose like the sun. It started from the center of her lips straight to her dimples and it always made him breathe. They were little tingles like the feeling he got when he held her in his arms. She would rest her head on his bare chest late in the night as the city worked overtime.

He mentioned the place and time and she came.
He never worried about the things she said or did when she was away from him, but even then, it had been two years and his heart was still the same.It leaped around her, and died when he got home.

He stood by the window watching the traffic build up along the road. He could see people rushing home from work. There were women in heels, men in flat expensive shoes, vehicles playing the loudest music, and touts shouting the routes and fare. He wanted to look at the time, but something told him not to. It had been two years and she had never shown any sign of impatience. Why should he in ten minutes?
He closed his eyes.

He could see her tears, the silent shadows that haunted her whenever they parted. She was beautiful. Her skin glowed in the sun and was as supple as her body. Every inch of her was a testament to God's creation, but it had been too long.
How would she take it? What an evil man he was for loving her so much but never fighting for her.

He looked at the time.

He loosened his tie and sat on the bed. She would come.
She never disappointed him.

He heard someone knock the door half an hour later. He rose from the bed and rushed to the door, his drink in hand.
There she was. She smiled at him and his eyes traveled the length of her beautiful body. "Did you walk here?" He asked.
"Yes, the traffic was crazy. Can I come in?"
"Not yet...listen..."
"Can't we talk inside, people might see us!"
"Let them see us, because, it's been too long and I do not deserve you after what I have done, but tonight I am doing what I should have done. Marry me."

In that moment she stretched out her arms and pulled him into the tightest hugs she could ever give him, and as her tears drenched his shirt did he truly realize how much she had been running, never away from him but always towards him and for him.

Do not let anyone define you.