Monday, May 25, 2015

Learning to ask the right questions.

Do you ask yourself questions?
I am not talking about rhetorical ones like "why did I do that?" or "did you see that? Please someone tell me you saw that!"

I have often been told that the questions I ask determine the answers I get, and my Mentor is away for some official duty and he left me without any assignments or insights, just the phrase, "I know you're insightful, you will do just fine." I cannot tell you how much I wanted to start dancing as I saw him drive away. He probably just read that!

So, I have been working on self improvement by ensuring that I keep posting content on the new blog: nilichoandika, and also on the Currents series. I have gone quiet because I want to work on this series, and this is what I tend to do when I am writing. Some of my friends get it, but some have come to the conclusion that I do not care about them anymore, and though it hurts, I have to do what I have to do, and my hope is that some day they will understand.

So, this week I have been working on four things in my life as inspired by Robin Sharma's 20 New Rules of Work.
The four rules according to Robin, that I picked are:
1. If you are not up early, you are sleeping too late.
2. Commit to becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of your craft.
3. Get fit so you can serve more people.
4. Don't wait to get inspired to start your dream,  start your dream to grow inspired.

I went about it this way; sleeping before 9pm and waking up by 6am, writing a chapter of the three stories I am working on everyday, doing thirty squats and forty five seconds of one plank daily, and finally going through my project book.

But instead of that, I find myself waking up sometimes at either 3am or 5am, and writing a few paragraphs every day, and struggling to get past the twenty second mark of one plank. So, I sat down and thought, "what am I doing wrong?"
And that is when it hit me, how about asking myself a growth question, you know the kind that could actually improve my effort in achieving my projects?

I thought about it the whole day.

And instead of asking "how long will this take?" I am asking myself, "how far can I go?"

So, that's as insightful as I can get before I get into bed, and if you ever stop to reflect on what you do and how you do it, asking yourself the right questions could lead to some profound answers.

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