Monday, May 11, 2015

Coffee, a few books- a decision, and a pinch of fear.

I have registered a new site:

​I have published half of the Currents series, and after the release of Water on Amazon Kindle, I thought about going into full time writing and the result of that process is the site nilichoandika- for the works I have written and shall write.

It has been a hectic few weeks and I have come to appreciate taking long walks and listening to pop music while climbing hills and crossing streams- or making long jumps.

I talked of getting back to romance and I am hoping to take a few pictures around town especially at Dunga Hill Camp- for that exquisite sunset- and get down to editing and having this book in print.
I have my fears about going into full time writing but, I won't know unless I try and I am certainly giving it my best hoping that all goes great.

So,for updates and more experiences please do follow me at nilichoandika- just click on that link up there and you can get my posts in your email and have your dose of dora's randomness delivered to you without a hassle!​

Do not let anyone define you.