Monday, March 9, 2009

Simply beautiful.

I still do not have enough words to describe the feeling of waking up to see nature at its best. I took this trip down to Kibo Safari Camp, some kilometres near the Tanzanian border, it is one of the many camps under the Amboseli National Park Management. The drive from Nairobi was about 7 hours, this was due to mostly the traffic jam and the dusty path off Namanga.

Upon arrival we were provided with a cold glass of Mango juice and our luggage was taken to our specific tents. Kibo has very beautiful dark jungle green tents that are self contained. There are two chairs right outside the entrance leading to the tent, one can view Mt. Kilimanjaro right from the tent's entrance. The pool has two ends; the shallow end is 1m and the deep end is 2m.
They serve 3 course meals and the guests have the chance to choose exactly what they want from the menu, which is different everyday.
Game drives begin as early as 6:00am and with this one can see most of the animals, lions included. There is also an afternoon game drive, which is a good opportunity for someone to see elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, wildebeests, gazelles, buffalos, zebras and even hyenas.
Kibo is the one place to be if you are looking for a chance to be on your own, to think about your life, or even just to leaves this camp utterly refreshed, take my word.