Sunday, November 29, 2009


So I spent most of my week and weekend relaxing-something which I have not done in days. Last Tuesday I went into town looking for Twilight new moon- the movie and since I couldn't get it I settled for nothing but Kyle XY seasons 1-3. Now I know it was a rushed decision, one that I am going to live to cherish!
Something about Kyle just makes me wonder if ideally speaking there are people like him-forget the 9 year old asian kid who joined Mensa- I am talking about people who are human in essence like us and have lived in a pod for 16 years only to find the world a new place! A friend once suggested I watch it, but six months later I love the show, because like any other show it proves that as human beings we strive to be extraordinary-everyday seems like a new day to prove ourselves and with such positions nothing but pain and certain burdens come to life. Always wanting to be better than you were yesterday, then it trickles down to being better than you were an hour ago, till finally you just let go and start breathing. The same is evident in plenty of shows: Smallville, The 4400, Numb3rs, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds( Dr. Reed's genuis traits), Lie to Me,The Pretender and so on. We all want to be special and the energy and bubble that comes with such a feeling just shows that the mind can indeed make us or break us...bottom line is g out and buy Kyle XY, if you haven't, if you have...just check it out slowly taking in information from the characters body langauge and talk, you'll love it.