Thursday, November 26, 2009



I know that the movie, had been released like months back but I just got a great chance to watch it and read the book. Of course, it has some sort of enchantment like the Harry Potter sequels but the only difference with twilight is that I got to  relate with Bella because she is human, and the fact that Edward (a vampire who can read minds) can never know what she is thinking is just compelling. So he falls in love with a human being and knows that he has this strong urge to drink her blood, but somehow is taken aback by the love that he has for her. So well I like Edward because he protects what is his-in this first book. I am yet to get the second book and read it before I go out and watch the movie. Stephenie Meyer, the author of the twilight sequels, outdid herself and I like the fact that her writing is simple and straight to the point; emotions are portrayed without much effort or numerous words.

Edward: "…so the lion fell in love with the lamb."

Bella: "what a stupid lamb."

Edward: "what a sick masochistic lion."

Yeah, you could say that these are some of my fave lines, but anyone who has read twilight and watched the movie will know that the famous line is, "you are like my own personal brand of heroine."All I know is that I am going to love twilight as much as I have loved Harry Potter but the only difference will be the intensity, because with twilight the movie is more 80% the book and the actors ideally fit into the characters shoes.

Totally awesome!