Wednesday, December 2, 2009


For today I am going to live my life like it is my last day. It is chilly and sunny at the same time, the perfect weather to go out for a stroll but that is not possible because I have plenty of statistics to do. There is always a feeling of anxiety when a project we are undertaking is almost complete and most of us tend to relax and look forward to the long awaited break, but I feel melancholic. I might have to make one of the toughest emotional decisions ever in my life at this time, but I want out! Just to be free as a bird and to do what everyone thinks I cannot do and to proceed with my life and see how far I go.

So while I am at stattistsics I shall embark on reading New Mooon by Stephenie the first few chapters already and maybe I shall be able to finish the book before I start studying for my final exams.

And next year awaits plenty more, all that matters is my readiness to take the opportunities that come my way.

Now, unto Beethoven's 5th Smphony and a live performance by Joshua Bell at the New York theatre.

Totally awesome!