Sunday, November 15, 2009

A long day.

When we talk of having a long day some tend to think that the end result would be collapsing on bed only to wake up 24 hours later too exhausted to get up and begin another day. That is a hectic day, a long day could mostly be when you have a matter that has been bugging you and nothing you do seems to be solving it. Like this past Thursday I came across a 4year old boy begging along the streets of Nairobi. He had hydrocephalus (too much fluid in the brain, resulting in an oversized head). I did not have money to give him so I offered him my Swiss chocolate cake and he turned it down saying that his mom would beat him up. I was taken aback at what he was going through that no words could describe what was going on within me. The mom was nowhere to be seen and the sun was out in the streets begging for money, thinking that money was the only solution to his problem; but money is just a quick fix.
I found it appalling that he was doing what was supposed to be the parents' job. He was meant to be at home or maybe playingw ith his friends and simply found it awful that his parents were abusing him that much. I left the cake by his side and walked down the street, wodering whether we had a social service that was meant to address such cases and if I could file a complaint. I took time going through the Kenyan database and came up with nothing! All he while I wondered whether his mother cared enough to know that she was killing her child by subjecting him to such harsh conditions?