Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why not write?

So, I sit here just going through my mails and wondering why not write anything that comes to mind? Here I am on a Sunday morning supposedly working on my term paper...then it hits me that there are so many things I can write about. The whole of this week I have been reading Frank McCourt's 'TIS--and it is a delightful read. In fact it is his memoir and while going through the chapters, it hit me that his language is very simple and straight to the point. He describes characters with such simplicity I am in awe. I have a friend who loves inspirational books and another who loves reading autobiographies, I like works of fiction, non fiction, whatever as long as they are by first time writers, why? Well because they are fresh and they bring a different style to the genre they pursue, that's why. After I am done with typing my term paper, I shall finish the last pages of 'TIS then go on to another book  THINKS by David Lodge. So I am quite different when it comes to what I why not write?