Thursday, November 19, 2009


"To dance round in circles with the hope of finally coming to a halt and not experiencing any form of dizziness,"replied Salma.
Matthew looked at her as if wondering what had overcome her. Salma was well known in the creative writing class as the most original writer. Her work could move you without force it simply swayed you and you loved the feeling. The piece she read out was more compelling and Matthew had to admit that it was her best work ever. As she walked briskly from the front of the class to her seat, he realized he was staring and that somehow the whole class was silent. She knew how to capture peoples voices and keep them silent for over an hour and maybe that was why she was the lecturer asked for a round of applause, he could not help but wonder what next? What did she have in store for them during the next class, that marked the beginning of a journey round a circle.

Totally awesome!