Thursday, November 5, 2009


So, this comes from a psychologist and doctor who actually made me realize that I am on the right track concerning my future. See nowadays most university students seek immediate gratification when it comes to employment. Most want to make money and cater for their basic needs rather than look for  a need find out how to fulfill it then that way create avenues for financial gratification. I keep asking myself what do I want? How bad do I want it and what am I going to do to get it? What shall I do once I have it?
It is funny isn't it, that ideally we want things to come easy yet do not go about seeking what we want?
 Let me use myself as an example: I am a third year psychology student, a club chairperson, a resident assistant, a blogger, a seeker of logotopia, an online volunteer with the United Nations and also a consultant of sorts to my friends who more often than not have problems.
All these and more on the side, but of all my eyes are set on becoming a well known child psychologist and creative non-fiction writer. I get to write more than a thousand words a day just to catch up on my continuing story and also post articles on the various blogs that I have.
But there is a lot more than immediate gratification considering that financial times are hard. The world is becoming more globalized by the day and this is evident in the interdependent world economy, where exchange rates affect countries all over the world. There is an increasing attention in risk cultures where countries seek to understand how to solve issues like AIDS, Malaria, cancer, poverty, leadership and governance all these and more.
Back to the doctor who made me realize that in order to achieve my dreams/goals I have to do more than network. I have to be more aggressive and push for recognition and assimilation of my opinions. I feel as though there is plenty to be done and I am to step two of the ten mile scale....tell you more about step three.

Totally awesome!