Saturday, January 30, 2010

Loud Silence

So it was not until yesterday that it hit me that the students on our campus care very little if at all about library rules, so being a huge criminal when it comes to this I figured that it would be nice to get a book and read whilst taking in what was happening around me. And while I was at it some girl was seated directly opposite chatting with her friend about how much her head ached because of partying the previous day. What was funny about their laughter and snickers was the fact that on the wall that one of them was leaning on was this huge poster of " SILENCE PLEASE!"
I looked away and forced a smile then I hissed, kinda like Edward Cullen (of Twilight saga) does...I simply had to. But our library being the best in East and Central Africa does have very boring magazines, except for one titled  "Culture" it had the topic that caught my eye..." The Adventures of Merlin" I must confess, I am a sucker for legends and heroic tales and on top of it all I love the British accent. It is tough being a writer, mainly because of two reasons: one is, you always have to be human and two you have to ideally express those morals that our society yearns for each and every person to uphold even if you as a human being are lacking in them. In simple terms we have to lie in teh hope of telling the truth. Our lies do not cause damage...rather they make people/our readers dream big and some who go to the extremes actually inflict pain through this. I listen to people's conversations without meaning to but once I start then a new story and  a novel develops...I am a writer. I am a writer.
I also happen to love The Adventures of Merlin, because Merlin fights himself once or twice let alone daily to help out people...his destiny is to protect Arthur.He has this conflict within himself of what is right and wrong all the time. I ended up staying quiet for hours just taking in all the information about the legend of King Arthur...I said am a sucker for legends, didn't I?