Sunday, February 7, 2010

na-na-na- everyday....

"Sometimes all it takes to get things done is being there physically but at times even your presence does not help much. Then what is needed would be your cooperation and after that lies the wait for results that could either be positive or negative. Little bits of flakes hit the ground before me and without knowing it I relish in every thought that springs in my mind, but what would become of me...with all these mountains to move and dark forces to fight? Shall I be the heroine after a war of wits or shall be just an ordinary person who went through an ordinary ordeal? Shall the reward be to my liking or shall it be isolation? I want answers! Iwant them so bad that inseeking them I have hurt more than healed but still I am too stubborn to learn. I want my way met, but I also don't want my way met because then some element of selfshiness sets in and that is not a quality I would love to embody...away! I say...away!
I am not a quitter, but with all that has been thrown at me...someone might surely have mercy, if not the gods, then a mortal, at least...if it be not either, let it be a child, with a sure smile or worst off a beggar. Lock me up in a dungeon and let them smite me, lock me in the cellar and let the guards keep watch over me lest I decide to escape, but do not let your anger be a basis of your judgement because then I shall have but suffered a most cruel death at the hands of a tyrant. Mark my words before the hangman follows an order from you, " you shall have a son, Arthur, he shall be a better ruler than you, mark my words."These words are but lamentations and it will only suit the person who has a keen ear to listen, not the one who just talks nothing but "na-na- na everyday,"
PS: All adapted from a source that simply looks into the role Lady Morgana played in Camelot.