Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Reason is the mistress and queen of all things.
Cicero, Tusculanarum Disputationun, 2.21.
  Yet when it comes to a woman, in any argument with a man she is asked to be reasonable. Women do have a higher knack for intuition than men. They are seen to be less rational than men during arguments, as such that some tend to burst into tears while the men walk away. Women gossip, men discuss. A woman can lock herself into the bathroom and cry after an argument, a man can get into a brawl in a bar after a soccer match. A man can hang himself after his favorite football team has lost a match. He can also headbutt another one during a football match-let's ignore all that of course. Some scientists say that genetics are to blame for the diverse differences between women and men.
Men are good at Math, women are good at Home economics! A woman has to keep her home clean and nurture both her husband and children, while a man can stray and be forgiven for that...in fact it is not wrong, when a woman does that...she is seen more as a prostitute a word which could define both genders. Then again gender is a social construct.
Women are bad drivers. Men are car fanatics and geniuses.
Reason is being able to base your conclusions and actions on evidence intellectually.
Women are intelligent and mostly intellectual.
Men are unreasonable. Ask women!!!!!!!
Totally awesome!