Thursday, March 11, 2010


At first I thought that numbers were just that, numbers! and that they never lie, humans do, but simple aspects do not really count when it comes to human behavior. People have the huge potential of shocking you even when you think that you are shock free, some are out to have a fabulous day, others are simply doing what they can to get by. I met this amazing guy today in the school cafeteria and at first I was just glad that he bothered to say hello. There were no seating places vacant except for the one occupied by my blue back pack. He had his tray and on it were; a cup of coffee, four mini mandazis, two sausages, one croissant and three slices of water melon. He took the seat as soon as I got my bag off it and then sat comfortably to his breakfast. " So, thanks for letting me have this seat," he said.
" You are welcome."
" I'm Gerald by the way."
" You are welcome Gerald. I am Dora, nice to meet you."
" The pleasure is all mine."
"Graciously." See, do not blame my etiquette, I learnt it from my mother, who in more ways than one calls for decency in expression and actions, so I had to be.
" You have a slight British accent."
" No way, I am not that British, in fact I can't pull any accent be it Russian, American, Jamaican or even the one in question."
"Okay, but you still have an accent, if you don't mind me asking, is that food enough for you-as your breakfast?"
"Um, it is more than enough, yours?"
"Less, in fact I need a snack before I leave the cafe."
"Um, okay...but as long as you are okay with it, then that has to be it."  Gerald, smiled for a while and continued eating his breakfast, after a few snippets of the conversation came to a close, he was more than courteous to rise as I got off my seat. Now that is why I say I met an amazing person!
Well, what has that got to do with 22?, you might ask...but there are plenty of ways of associating with numbers, all you have to do is look.