Saturday, March 13, 2010


That was not the word I had in mind, but it does have some meaning in what I am about to explain. To have held two leadership positions concurrently is an achievement for me, but when you have to let go of that which you hold dear, at times your conscience does not cut you some slack." I think, therefore I am..." a line by Rene Descartes-is the basis of our psychology club in USIU and to have been the secretary and promoted to chairperson within a short period of time is more than an achievement for me. At times just thinking about it weakens me, but it has been a wonderful experience and leaving the position begs the question, what legacy am I leaving?
Will those who come after me, view my leadership as indeed progressive or demeaning to the club? Will they sit back and say, "Dora was a great leader!" Or will they say that I was a chairperson and that is all they know.
Unlike Bertrand Russell, I hold two things dear: psychology and writing. One I love without question, the other I practice and constantly think of, both are in tune with my personality and are challenging from time to time, but somehow I get the strength to keep going.
I guess am just concerned that I have already crossed the finish line and I have improved as a person, in fact for the better, but that is not the question, it does not matter to me as much as the influence I have had on the people behind me and in the crowd.