Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have never done this before and so I figured why not share an idea that came to me a while ago. It involves writing a second book and what to consider during that process. I am seated here at 1:16pm and thinking to myself, what a dull Sunday! I have already done my laundry and it seems like all is well till the sun decides it needs to take a break and the dark heavy rain bearing clouds fill the sky with such joy they disdain me! Writing the first book is easy-if I may say so, but the second one-seems like all these ideas just fill my head and each one is better than the other. So I decided to view the trailer of the movie, "Remember me" starring Robert Pattinson-mostly known to his female fans as Edward Cullen in Twilight. And the movie is one of those drama yet a highlight of what happens in our society today, a father who cares more about his work and not his children as a result one becomes rebellious and the other becomes-well withdrawn and sad. Until he finally gets a chance to turn his life around and does so-with as much pain as he had before-and I am thinking that, "it's a great movie, and I have to get my hands on it!"
And without knowing it I have discovered the genre that I want to pursue-I want to write stories that will move people to stop and stare at the world around them and change for the better. So that should be the main message behind my second story.

Totally awesome!