Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There are some very few movies that I consider my very best but still, I feel as though watching them can change the perspective you have in life. I loved watching these movies because they actually made me think about two things: what I have done and what I am yet to do.
These include:
  1. The Ultimate Gift (I seriously have forgotten the characters, but in the movie, the boy-Jason undergoes twelve assignments as left to him by his grandfather before he can get the ultimate gift- that of love and understanding. It is a very compelling story).
  2. Remember Me -starring Robert Pattinson
  3. The Blind Side- the award winning movie starring Sandra Bullock.
  4. Georgia Rule- starring Jane Fonda, Lindsay Lohan and Felicity Hoffman.
  5. Twilight: Yes twilight, the vampire saga, it has actually taught me a lot about dreams and being offered an opportunity that is so rare and incomprehensible that letting it go is actually tormenting to your soul. In this case of course Bella chooses Edward over Jacob which to me, is a very wise choice. Guess I gotta get some rest now, I am a little exhausted and chances are I will fail to do justice to this piece, Happy Easter Holidays!

Totally awesome!