Friday, April 30, 2010

If only my heart had a voice...

Right! Don't get me wrong, I have often said I am a hopeless romantic
but seriously the title of this post is taken from the 1993 album by
Kenny Rogers. I thought it would be a good title so why not? But
then,that is the beauty of words,they move you no matter how cheesy it
is and that is the truest bit. I recently embarked on writing my
second book and it has been stressful because the hero that I have
been drafting turns out to be a villain,and nothing makes sense not
with the right kind of words or slices,so to get a clear head ,I am
going for a trip around town tomorrow to get a mental note of nature.
I hope that all will be well that the characters will be more real
than they are now. And if only my heart had a voice,then I would sing
out to the blank page ahead me... I am going to write away till 2am.

Totally awesome!