Monday, May 3, 2010


Monday's here and I am just so happy to think straight. I was watching
'Supernatural' and 'House' yesterday-and it hit me that in both shows
there are characters that do not care. They are ruthless and speak
their mind no matter what. So what can a person do,or what would turn
someone into Dean (supernatural) or Dr. House? First thing would be to
take away what one loves and not give back no matter how much you ask
for it all. Forget my ramblings I guess one can show so much apathy
when all his reasons for caring are taken away. So maybe each person
has that piece of them that does not care,we should then do what we
can to reach out to other people. Wierd isn't it? That House,plays a
ruthless doctor,the role played by some nurses in Kenya. Well, I
should shut up and keep watching though I get this wierd feeling that
I would love Supernatural more than House.

Totally awesome!