Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today started off well, I got the chance to share my dreams and ambitions with an NGO that is willing to get me aboard as a volunteer and I love that, so back to basics. What do we do when we wake up? What do you do?
A friend confessed to slightly stepping on the floor with her right foot and if the floor is cold (which it always is) she snoozes for an extra 10 minutes. Another said that she gets up wishing it was Friday so she could party with her friends, another said that he wished he would not have to get up at 4:30am to get to the office at 7:00am.
Well, after a while I got a very touching response, a female subject responded "I check on my nine month old daughter to see if she is alive."
So, it got me thinking ---that was a very genuine and heartfelt response! Do we all do a truth test?
What is a truth test? Simply put a truth test is where you as a person get to be honest with yourself and others-- no lies, no concealing thoughts and opinions just to avoid hurting people's feelings, that is what a truth test is. To go about it, you carry around a tiny notebook and in it write all the people you encounter and the things you talked about and thought and how much of what you told them was the truth! Well, the truth is relative you would say, but that is the challenge of the test, you cannot pass it unless you are true to them and yourself. The truth is ugly because we never want to hear it, but what if we created room to hear it just for 5 days, how much of a difference would it make in our lives?
I started my truth test yesterday and got to know what people and my friends thought of me as a writer and talk buddy, and today I learnt that at times what gets us going is waking up no matter how cold the floor is, checking up on our kids, calling our friends and family and living life to the fullest.

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