Thursday, May 20, 2010


First things first, I am getting done with my second book and looking for a publisher and happened to come across one who seemed very interested in what I was writing. So I pulled out my truth test book and he actually thought that it was just a notebook--he said "cool notebook!"
And I said "thanks!"Which would be a fail by now, because it was not just a notebook, it was a truth test notebook!
So instead of freaking out I have this plastic smile which he takes to be genuine and tells me more about his publishing firm, well, enough with the story telling, the conversation went something like this:
him: so, this book you are writing sounds very interesting, have you considered publishing it?
me: yes, a couple of times, but my main concern are the rates I will be offered.
him: what rates would you prefer to have then?
me: sustainable ones.
him: like what for example, are we talking 10%, 20% or maybe 30%?
me: funny how you started with low rates, have you ever thought of 100%?
him: that is not possible.
me: with self-publishing it is.
him: so, you want to self-publish?
me: I am still weighing my options and will make a move when I have thought things over, by the way that is a very lovely tie.
him: thank you and you had better let me know how it goes, I would be honored to come to terms with you and publish your book.
As he walked away, I pulled out my truth test book and cancelled the statement "give honest compliments"--his tie was just a rainbow in form of cloth! Worst part is that he actually had a brown suit and a tie with icons of Christmas trees! It is tough telling the truth but easy being honest with myself, that is my finding for today...let's wait and see what tomorrow brings.

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