Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Humor me...

Okay, it actually hit me that the people in this world who seem to have the toughest job are Comedians! It is very hard to get people laughing because with recent times people have a lot to worry about that they do not have time to laugh. Well, a psychologist, would tell me that my statement is wrong! Why? Because when things are tough it is human nature to try and forget about the issue for a while then wallow later, so they would like to laugh. But question is,what do you tell them to make them laugh?
I was watching a show that Russell Peters (a stand-up comedian) held in New York city and was laughing at the cruel jokes that I felt off beat. See, anyone who has heard his jokes will know that he does crack jokes about different races and nationalities and all the while does not fail to use three or four curse words. So, back to what I was saying-it is not easy to make people laugh without provoking a few people in the audience, but all the same, we need to laugh once in a while and forget our worries. Avril Lavigne (yes, the rock/punkstar) has a song whose lyrics go something like "who knows what could happen, live your life just keep on laughing....tomorrow's a brand new day."
You cannot expect someone to humor you when you cannot even laugh at the simple things-when you cannot even smile-you could always make someone's life easier by being cheerful once in a while.

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