Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Have you ever wondered what fire can do to a person? I mean apart from
consuming,warming us up or helping prepare food,there's a different
kind of fire. The one that burns inside each of us-the one that
consumes us without destroying us. It makes us writhe in emotional
pain-have you ever had a fire,an inferno that burns forever,it is not
a flame that one can blow away,or put off but a constant nagging voice
that questions every move you make. Everyone has a fire in them,some
let it burn,others watch it go out spark by spark and die without ever
glowing again. Fire is a starter-it consumes or lightens our world.
The fire am talking about is the dream that we have-we are all
dreamers in one way or another,difference is the time with which we
keep the fire burning.

Totally awesome!