Saturday, May 8, 2010


Space to most people is just a distance between them and others. Some
think of it as what exists outside the solar system,others deem it
empty-but the kind of space am taking about is the restful effect of
our conscience. To be able to have a mental breather is what one looks
forward to after traveling seven hours-in a seat that is not only
uncomfortable but in direct sunlight. Every writer needs
space-no,scratch that,every person needs space,time set apart for
thinking. This should be twenty minutes tops,but at times answers come
to mind,at times we are blank-but space is good. If you want your own
space-give others theirs too. Do not meddle in people's business. I
saw this set of silver pelikan pencils in a supermarket that I want
and maybe getting my hands on them would be the best thing that
happened to me this year!

Totally awesome!