Monday, May 17, 2010


Yes, Restaurant, that is the title or rather the best lead that I have at the moment for this story that I am working on and of course a critic would say that it does not seem to be a suitable choice for a novel, but I believe that is wrong. I am going with a title that though not catchy like those commercial books that you read on the go will have a thing or two that can show how we live our lives and what we get instead.
Forget that, I just like the phrase and will see how well it goes till the end.
I ran into a friend of a friend of a friend and thought "OMG! people do change except for the shape of their head!"But it was great talking to him and knowing that he has done quite a lot with his life and gotten clean (off cheap liquor and can effectively take a shower and use non-nose irritating cologne). There are plenty of opportunities for people on the net-and that is what he told me, so I got time off class and checked to see what I could come up with- the latest being well of course-a conversation buddy. Turns out that you can actually talk to someone about your life and they can actually chat with you forever! It is like having a Dr. Phil online (sad part is they do not prescribe anti-depressants, they just say 'that sucks!"and you feel like "phew! am glad I got that off my chest.).
Does it pay? No, it does not. But is a great feel of what shrinks go through at the end of everyday. So I decided to join and see how well it goes and so far so amazing. There are plenty of opportunities, I insist all you have to do is access, the Google or Yahoo search engines and type in a search word, okay?
FYI: The email I get to use is
Holla, if you want more information on the talk buddy program.