Monday, May 10, 2010


Jerzy Kosinsky,once said, 'a writer is an ink-spiller.' He is also
known to have said that writing is more like prostitution and once a
writer always a writer no matter how hard one tries to forget or quit.
I am a writer,a huge ink spiller. I spill ink from 7am to 2am at
times-I use graphite instead. But writing is not a piece of cloth that
you can get on or off your body neither is it a bad habit you can
shake off after group counseling. I am back to campus for the summer
session and every moment of it just gives me the jeepers! With so many
friends graduating and very few aware of what they want to do-that
alone is enough to scare someone. Back to what I was saying-a writer
spills ink and in so doing sends a message to the reader. I have
spilled some before posting this article,but am glad that it is not in
vain. My second book is going great and I have to edit it before
seeking a publisher. Kosinsky was right, I am an ink-spiller and I
love it.

Totally awesome!