Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why I love blogging.

Okay,so it is clear by now that I own a blog,and post articles as
frequent as can be. But at times that is not enough,so I took a
backseat to reflect on the reasons why I blog. First,it's an avenue
for me to express my thoughts and opinions. It is also good because I
get to practise my writing skills here and get feedback. It also acts
as proof of my writing skills incase I decide to go professional.
Blogging is the new kind of 'it' for writers and the best part about
the Google blog is the fact that you can post articles on the go via
Gmail. In fact I am posting this via my phone-how cool is that?
Well,through my blog I have gotten ideas of plots for my second book
which I am glad to say is almost done. And to celebrate it, I will
post the first three chapters and get to know what you think.
Meanwhile checkout my other blog, 'Justdora' at