Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daily Readings.

Every writer should read once in a while if not daily or should I say
24/7 ? So before I got down to my books ,I decided to pick up one of
those self motivational books,and guess what I landed on... Not
Maxwell, not Osteen, but Robin Sharma! Yes him-the monk who sold his
ferrari dude-and I read, his book-'The greatness guide.' It provides
simple tips on how to go about doing great things that positively
impact the society. One step to guideness is to 'have coffee with
Gandhi',that is to read through,memoirs,autobiographies or works of
great leaders at the comfort of our being. That way we get an insight
into what sets them apart from others. I am having 4:00 o'clock tea
with Steve Biko. Sharma also says we ought to be courteous,friendly
and caring,smile a lot,be on time, underpromise and over deliver and
be world class listeners. These are things we know,but rarely put them
to practice. So am sure that daily readings are better-and it doesnt
hurt to read self motivational books once in a while-you just got what
I learnt from Sharma!

Totally awesome!